Young Tree

3D animation video, plywood cutout, 2019

Music, sound design: Michele Sinatti
Voice: Benjamin Goff

Dealing with the uncertainty of the future, Young Tree is based on Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky's play The Storm. The work revisits this text written at the end of the 19th century that anticipates the turbulent times that were about to envelope the world. The short animation ends with Vladimir Mayakovsky’s poem Past One O’Clock… from 1930. At the center of this work, just like in Ostrovsky's play, opposing forces face each other causing a situation of crisis and distress. Particular characteristics in the figure of a jester like being able to hide behind its own face resembles a present humanlike behavior that drives an unpredictable change. Failing to cope with the inevitable transformations, an anthropomorphized young and unfortunate tree accompanies the jester with never ending lamentations.

link to video excerpts

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