Shadow by Elfriede Jelinek

Set design, costumes, video for theatre performance, 2020

The play Shadow was written by the Nobel Prize winner Austrian playwright and novelist, Elfriede Jelinek who followed the ancient legend of Orpheus and Eurydice by Ovid.

Shadow is a self-ironic and a self-involved monologue performed by Kata Pető. She is going to be the only woman on stage speaking about her life with Orpheus, her feelings about her husband and also about her own death.

Euridike: Pető Kata

Director: Porogi Dorka
Director's assistant: Varga Miklós
Set design, video: Adrian Ganea
Costumes: Adrian Ganea, Pető Kata
Choreography: Gergye Krisztián
Music: Kákonyi Árpád, Keresztes Gábor, Komjáti Áron, Szabó Sipos Ágoston, Csizmás András
Light technician: Ujvári Zsolt
Producer: Gulyás Dóra
Sound technician: Makkai János

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