Acrylic resin, galvanized steel, wood, recycled inkjet printer components, electric guitar components, 2021

Commissioned for the Living Content exhibition Under Pressure at Mobius Gallery curated by Adriana Blidaru and Tatiana Moise
special thanks to Flaviu Rogojan

Adrian Ganea’s work is examining if anthropomorphism - the attribution of human characteristics to non-humans - although perceived as being harmful, could be used as a way of extending empathy to the natural world. Inspired by the 17th-century controversial German Jesuit scholar and polymath, Athanasius Kircher, more specifically by one of his experiments called Lobster vomiting demonstrating hydraulics, Adrian created an equally absurd creature that takes the form of a melancholic tree playing guitar. Ghost embodies a fading trace of life in the context of mass extinction.

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