Bird Food

Seeds, Wood, Acrylic resin, 2021

Work commissioned for The Last Archive project at Statia de Cercetare - curated by Raluca Voinea and Vlad Basalici

“Art must move on from the representation of life as it is to the representation of life in the future, in the form that it must assume.” (Valerian Muraviov, fragment from The Conquest of Time, 1924)

For this project I was interested mostly in the cosmists’ existential drive once the dream of immortality for all life forms has been accomplished, what Nikolai Fedorov calls the common task. Beyond preserving life in all its forms, the cosmist ideas propose extending knowledge towards all life forms through art. Thus, beyond the necessary for survival, knowledge becomes a sort of food that can be transmitted to the other species. The work I propose wants to represent both nourishment that supports life, as well as an aesthetic offering for the flying species that are co-inhabiting this space in SiliČ™tea Snagovului.

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